Instrument Drive

Donate money - our goal is $17,000 

We're teaming up with the Colorado Black Arts Movement and the DPS School Board to create new music classes in Montbello schools, where there are currently no music education programs, but a deep interest in classes. We're also partnering with Raices Brewing, in Sun Valley (where 83% of residents live beneath the poverty level), to secure instruments and host free, weekly music classes. 

Donate instruments

Acoustic Guitars (20)
Percussion - djembes, congas, bongos, shakers, snare drums, bass drum, etc. (20)
Trumpets (5)
Trombones (4)
Tubas (1)
Saxophones (5)
Clarinets (5)
Flutes (5) 
Electric Guitar (3)
Electric Bass (2)
Keyboards (10)
Drum Set (1) 
Amps and powered speakers (4)

About the programs and goals


Music and mentorship for Denver's incarcerated and homeless youth

In 2019 Shane Endsley (director of education for the Denver Municipal Band) started going to the Gilliam youth Detention Center in Five Points with some drums and worked with small groups of the kids there. The kids there don't get much chance to be productive, creative, or inspired. Their response to these activities was overwhelmingly positive. We were just about to expand the program to a second location with Urban Peak (youth homelessnness services) when Covid hit. Now, we're seeking funds to purchase more instruments, expand to two new locations, and to add a mentorship and economic opportunity for some of the kids we will be working with. The Denver Municipal Band would like to offer those that are ready for it, the opportunity to participate in paid training and then be employed by us as youth mentors on these services.

Shane at Cole Arts Sci Academy

Montbello in NE Denver

The Montbello neighborhood is an ethnically diverse and woefully underserved community in the Denver area. The neighborhood has long lacked adequate public transportation, access to healthy food, and educational environments and resources. In 2013, the Montbello Organizing Committee (MOC) formed to address these community issues. The committee received a Kresge grant to support neighborhood improvements and an exciting three-year plan is in motion. Now the Denver Municipal Band has a chance to come together with community partners and the Denver Public Schools, offering music education to kids who have never before had that opportunity in their school.

Sun Valley

Sun Valley is one the poorest neighborhoods in Denver. Westword reported 83% of residents live below the poverty line with a median annual income of  $10,000 (2018). However, this neighborhood is improving and is seeing new development and opportunity. Raices Brewing is a new family-friendly brewery with a mission to serve as a center for community and authentic cultural events. They feature local artisans, musicians, food vendors, and more in stylish indoor and outdoor environments. Raices and the Denver Municipal Band are coming together to offer a free music class series. These classes will be open to all and anyone who needs an instrument will be given access to one. The classes will take place during business hours and will sometimes turn into chances for the students to exhibit their work to the Raices patrons. We hope to culminate this series with a joint concert featuring students of the class performing alongside a few of the professional musicians from the DMB.
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